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Feb. 3rd, 2009


25 things

about yours truly.

1. when I was 17, I joined the carnival with my ex-GF.

2. I can walk on my hands

3. I used to spit fire(lamp oil)

4. I'm double jointed in my thumbs, shoulders, and neck

5.I hate Aerosmith. don't know why exactly

6.I love kittens. they are fucking adorable

7. I sometimes throw out tons of thing randomly, but pack-rat until then

8. I'm fascinated with serial killers

9. I've beat just about every Castlevania game ever released. SotN about... 20 times.

10.My fingernails grow really fast

11.I like to paint, but usually paint over everything I do, because I don't like it.

12. I've never broke a bone... sprained the shit out of, but no breaks

13. hurting people physically is my job, and it doesn't really bother me to do it anymore

14.fav color scheme of all time:red+black

15.I'm half Norwegian

16.I have crazy jagged teeth

17.Schizophrenia runs in both sides of my family

18.I have no serious enemies.. at least none that would me know.. or that i know of

19. Green bell pepper are awesome. Not about me, but I figured you should know. I could eat one whole right now...

20. I have an oral fixation, where I chew on my cheek in times of extreme concentration.

21. Blood scares the shit out of me sometimes, and excites me in others.

22.My biggest fear in life is my hands being amputated.

23. I lose everything I own at some point in time... in the day.

24.I used to own a 1974 Gremlin X, then sold it in desperation for $666 and a six pack of cheap beer.

25.I rarely waste time on ridiculous surveys... but lots on stumbleupon(especially youtube)

Dec. 25th, 2008


(no subject)

I'm fucking stoked that Christmas pretty much is almost over..

I now own a mac. My parents paid for almost half of it

new socks....

My brother is doing better than.. just about ever. At least since '94 when he became schizophrenic. I took him home last night. but before I did, I brought him to the bar to play some pool. He introduced himself to everyone, and was.. just better than usual. It's like his mind hydroplaned and is getting traction slowly...

Also, my much hated great aunt was here, pissing everyone off with bitter words and opinions. But I find it extremely entertaining, like her telling me that I'm going to die younger because of my tattoos and lifestyle... hahaha. Or what I'm going to do to get rid of them once they're blobs of ink, or if I had "my pecker tattooed too?" with me replying "Yes! It says Great Aunt Julie." She has more of a sailors tongue than everyone in my family.. and she's 87! The family loved it:)

Nov. 22nd, 2008


(no subject)

So lately my life has not involved half as much tattooing, which has given me a good amount of time to waste looking at Illuminati conspiracy videos, and Nibiru(planet x) videos involving our culture's great demise in december 2012. Also this great Ween song:

Ah... if only the apocalypse involed us being turned into trees, instead of just corpses.

On a separate note, I was in the starbucks in target the other day, and to individuals more heavily tattooed than myself were ordering drinks and talking to the workers about heroin addicts that drink lots of espresso. At the end of the conversation, he asks both of them of they're over 18. They both look slightly confused and answer saying they are in their early 20's. He responds with business cards for the shop he works at, and the phrase "Well, today is your lucky day." I doubt I'll ever be that arrogant.

Oct. 13th, 2008


Tir Na Nog's Back wall

I finally found out how to upload pictures off of my phone, so i decided to post my big project from my favorite neon sign:

The pics are pretty bad, and I'm not finished with it, but at least its a show of progress

Jun. 25th, 2006



this drunkness happened at my place last night


I can't believe I got it on tape, it's pretty fuckin hilarious

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